Mind, body and home.

More about us

OnlyFor, our brand, was born from the personal experience of our founder, who noticed there were not direct solutions on the market for people´s daily life needs. The brand was created to induce a direct and quick response to every need, establishing it as an available and efficient solution, leading the consumer to choose correctly the right solution to solve the requirements he has to deal with every day.

Every consumer faces a challenge at the moment of chosing a solution that covers his needs, whether it is on OTC market, home cleaning, car manteinance, or selfcare. The challenge of choosing the right product for the first time saves time and money, many consumers leave the choice of a solution to their needs in the hands of a store manager or a brand promoter, which can lead to an incorrect choice, a negative experience and a waste of money.


Every consumer faces a challenge at the moment of choosing a solution that covers his needs, weather it is on OTC market, home cleaning or selfcare. The challenge of choosing the right product for the first time saves time and money.

We are convinced that we need direct and quick solutions for any daily-life emergency that we face, OnlyFor is the company which mission is to help the consumer solve any kind of challenge he faces, becoming so, the best reliable option.

In OnlyFor we offer practical and direct solutions, earning the trust of our partners and consumers, our products and objectives are focused on satisfying every single person.

The Business

OnlyFor guarantees a fast rotation of its products generating a bigger profit in a short amount of time. We avoid bad relationships with the final consumer, offering direct solutions, which prevents that store managers or brand promoters may lead our clients to bad experiences.

OnlyFor is the only worldwide brand that supports the project development through the trading, our brand generates a fast movement of retail stock. With little advertising investment and the placement of designed products for the retailer’s point of sale, OnlyFor will help maintain the sales projection of the stores.

Our commercial partners in every country maintain the integrity of the brand with quality so OnlyFor can have a long lasting presence in retails and create sustainability for long-term businesses. We are a global brand that creates consistency in the trade. Our product line is formed by OTC, nutraceuticals, healthcare products and home cleaning. We are constantly increasing the variety of our products, as well as our territories.

OnlyFor helps its costumers to get rid of their confusion solving any doubt that comes up at the moment of choosing the product that covers all their needs.

OnlyFor is focused on direct solutions to daily-life problems that go from common health conditions to home-cleaning products and much more. What makes our products so efficient and successful is our ability to focus and solve the current problem we deal with and provide an immediate and direct solution, supported on worldwide prestige producers.

Being OnlyFor a global brand an reaching clients in any part of the world, we continue solving and making our worldwide customer's life easier.